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Focus on Relationships

I have been on a Facebook hiatus, not necessarily by choice, but more because I was not sure how or why I wanted to use this great big loud speaker we call social media. And it is so confusing as a small business owner to know which one to spend time on, what to pour your energy into and for what purpose are you doing it.
I think for a while I thought of it all as an ego stroke, a way to get more people to “like” me and my work, but all for what? I know it is good marketing, but I feel like a lot of fellow photogs are spending a lot of time getting their work onto Facebook, but maybe not enough time servicing clients.
So I have spent the last 12 months, trying to focus on giving awesome service to each of my clients. Sure I fall down, like we all do at times, but I have made it my sole mission to give each client the best experience with me, with quick turnaround and friendly smiley service. This has paid back 1000%, not only are my clients delighted (and spreading the good word) but also it gives me joy as well, win win!
So as I have been travelling along, and thinking how I can energise myself to get back onto the social wagon again, I realised that what I would like to do is share my message and beliefs. So I have come up with a little project, that I think will be interesting for an audience, and a fun challenge for me along the way too!
I have decided to have a focus or intention for each month. A snippet from my world of different things that inspire me to wake up and do what I do every day:)
So for the first month, I think it is only appropriate that I tackle one of the biggies for me… Relationships!
As a wedding photographer, the main part of the day that intrigues, inspires and draws me in, is the celebration of relationships. Of course there is the obvious bond between the bride and the groom, but to me it is the myriad of relationships old and new that are all so present on the day.
And so for this month, I am going to celebrate relationships:)
Starting with one of my own personal favourites…



Personalised Pre Wedding Sessions

I always like to get my couples to try and personalise their pre wedding session. I find that most couples that come to me have never had a photo shoot done together before, and let’s face it, after the wedding, once the little ones come along, a photo session of just you 2 as a couple gets put very far down the must do list!

The images from these sessions are great to use for display at the wedding, signature books, church booklets, slideshows, gifts for parents and so much more. The session is also a valuable experience to know you have made a great decision in your photographer, and lets us get to know what works best for you as a couple, so we can get straight into it on the wedding day, no mucking around.

I have always encouraged my couple to invest as much of themselves and their personalities, quirks, traits & even pets into the planning for their session, so it really is a good reflection of who they are right now. How awesome for your kids (and of course you) to look back and see how cool you really were before they came along to tell you how cool you are not (Oh no really sounding like a mum now!)

So when Kylie called me and asked if we could photograph her and Andrew with their bikes, I said hell yeah. We met at La Perouse and then cruised into the Rocks… great effort & so much fun for me as a photog:)



I LOVE photographing at this time of year

I just love photographing weddings at this time of year. I know some people are deterred as you do potentially face the cold, but more often than not you get lovely crisp days that produce gorgeous lighting and just stunning sunsets – and sunrises – and thank you to all my lovely clients who do not require my attention at that time of the morning… brrr!

Luke & Sharon’s day was full to the top with love and support. You could just feel it in the room. They are very strong and resilient team in their own right, and have a great family unit surrounding them, which I truly believe is the best example and foundation for any newly wed couple.

Warm loving energy + truly stunning weather = Perfect day. As they were saying their vows, the clouds opened up and the sun beamed down on Sharon, and she just glowed. It was quite amazing to watch. Big thanks to all the bridal party. You guys were great, and were great fun to be around on the day.

I have photographed quite a few weddings in this family circle them over the last couple of years, and they are a special bunch. It gives me a lot of joy to see all the lovely couples whose weddings I have captured, and is great to meet a few couples, that I am going to be celebrating with in the future. Kind of feel like part of the family, which is pretty cool, thank you:)



A Mother’s Journey…

Carmel’s story…

I want to share a snippet of Sarah’s wedding day. Her mum Carmel has raised her 2 daughter’s on her own for most of their lives, and with Sarah being the oldest daughter and first to get married, her wedding was a huge day not only her, but for Carmel as well. Leading up to the day I could tell that Carmel was very anxious that everything would be the best for her little girl. She even bought 16 umbrellas the week before when the forecast had said it may rain!

When I arrived at the house, Carmel was so full of excitement and anticipation, I couldn’t help but go on her journey with her. Being a mum, and watching my little girl grow up at a rapid pace, I could see 20 years ahead to when I may be going through the same roller coaster of emotions.

I felt the pride at seeing your daughter on her dream day, with the light of love in her eyes, could feel her nervous anticipation on the way to the church, her heart melt as she dropped the veil over her babies face, and as she walked her down the aisle to hand over her baby in the care of Paul, a really awesome man also from a lovely family. I really felt her relief as the day unfolded and every small detail they had been planning on paper came to life. It was a fabulous day and I believe Carmel was really so overwhelmed as it surpassed all their expectations, to be a real life fairy tale day for her little princess.

Weddings always bring out huge emotions, but I really went on the journey with Carmel that day, as I could feel every step with her. As she said to me “I can’t believe my baby, my little girl is married” I was so aware of how quickly our little one’s really do grow up, and I went home that night and gave my little angel a kiss in her bed and reminded myself to really enjoy every day… and to try and be present in every moment. Image 01Image 02Image 03Image 04Image 05Image 06Image 07Image 08


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Welcome to our blog

Life’s big moments

Thank you for coming to our site and taking the time to get this far! I have been planning this blog in my head for quite a while, and was really stuck on what I wanted my first post to be about! I have been thinking about what it was I would be posting here, and decided that what I really want to share is the incredible experiences and journeys I get to document with my camera. I do not think of myself as some inspired artistic creative person, rather more of a truly blessed person who is very lucky to be able to do what I do, be where I am in life and have some really special people around me to share my life with.

So when it came to choosing the first images to share on this post, I thought about what incredible experiences and journeys I have had over the last couple of years, and decided to share a pretty special one from my own life. 2 years ago, I took my little girl (then 4) on a trip to Europe, just for the 2 of us. We embarked on a (some would say crazy) 6 week trip, and travelled around Europe on our own, with my camera. It was an amazing and challenging experience, one that I have so many fond memories of. I won’t bore with particulars, but just let a few little moments from our trip tell the story.

This is what I love about photography, even if these do not mean that much to anyone else, when I look at these images they just make me smile and bring me back every time. That is all I wish from my work, is that my photos will impact just one person in the same way, every time they look at them!

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