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Paul & Aleesha – Sergeants Mess

All Style

I was so excited to see how everything Aleesha and Paul had described would come together, and their entire day exceeded all my expectations.

Their wedding is the kind of day that makes me light up. So much laughter and fun… a genuine celebration… just awesome.

From their great choice of venue at Sergeants Mess, to Aleesha’s gorgeous dress, to the great giant sized letters that lit up the room, the whole day was a great stunning success.

Hampered by a little touch of rain, we were then blessed with sun shine & rainbows just in time for our photo session as we looked over to see the swirling skies over Sydney Harbour.

This great day was such a credit to this wonderful couple and all the people who surround them.

Paul & Aleesha, you are both very blessed to have such lovely friends, family and support. And of course so lucky to have found eachother, there is such a great friendship and love between you.

I wish you both the best for your exciting life together ahead:)





Mick & Hannah – Tubruk Cattle Station Wedding

Love from the Seas to the Skies

Mick and Hannah first met on a cruise “Rhapsody of the Seas” 2 years ago. It was formal night on the ship and I was in the night club on a big red couch trying to sleep. He woke Hannah up and according to the speeches was quite relentless in his pursuit of her for the rest of the cruise. He a truckie farmer from out West and she a Kiwi living the city life with her girls.

This holiday romance brought us all to their Epic day a couple of weeks ago at Toobrook Cattle Station wedding reception near Wiseman’s Ferry out at Maroota.

There were trucks and bikes, laughter and tears, epic spots for photography and a great bunch of people to share the day with. They even had a special security detail for the event:)

Just when you thought the day had reached a high, Mick pulled a massive wildcard out of the bag and surprised the totally unknowing Hannah with a helicopter to bring them to their reception. Needless to say her reaction was simply priceless.

We flew over the river at Wiseman’s and even got to do a drive by their property and stopped their dog from running away down their street (in the chopper)! The landing was insane as we were greeted by all the guests were enjoying drinks during the grand entrance, which just simply amazing.

It was such a genuinely awesome day, for these two fantastic people who have found in eachother their best friend and partner for life:)

Congrats guys, was an absolute pleasure, thanks for having us along for the ride.




150029-0266150029-0312150029-0350150029-0482150029-0518150029-0600150029-0568150029-0620150029-0707150029-0730150029-0826The details

Video : Warren from Exclusive Video Productions

Reception – Tobruk Cattle Station

Dresses – The Wedding Centre Windsor

Florist – Blushing Blooms

Makeup – Kylie Burn

Hair – Melanie La Valetta



Loxley on Bellbird Hill Bridal Expo 2015

Last weekend we were blessed to be invited to an intimate bridal showcase at Loxley on Bellbird Hill, in Kurrajong. I personally have a very long relationship with this gorgeous venue and all the lovely staff who work here, as I have been photographing weddings there since the first year it opened, and have been a preferred supplier there pretty much since day dot.

I am always excited when a couple contacts, saying they have chosen Loxley for their wedding venue, as I can say without question, that they will be so well looked after, and that their guests will have a truly beautiful experience. After 15 years of photographing weddings, there are few venues I can say consistently over deliver, but this is definitely one I know I can.

Disclaimer, we were positioned between Crumbs Cake Art and her gorgeous cake testing, (white almond mud cake… winner hands down) & the wine tasting (uh huh, thanks Ali), so if you were there and you didn’t see me, you know why!

No really, we were asked to capture images on the day of the bridal showcase, and even the rain did not stop the show from going on. These are just a few of my favourites from a lovely afternoon of meeting couples, networking with friends… and cake testing…


Flowers - Your Floral Design & Your Floral Indulgence  |  Dresses & Suits - The Wedding Centre  |  Makeup - Kurrajong Beauty



Cabarita Park – Wedding Photo Location

Cabarita, just off the M4

A great spot to head to for wedding photography on the fringes of the inner west of Sydney has to be Cabarita Park, which is located right next to Concord at the end of the M4, and pretty much right in the middle of the greater Sydney area. Really easy to access and quite often for me on the way from the church to the reception (or not far off)

The park includes parks/green areas, harbour/river views, a small beach, a long jetty style ferry wharf & also a number of gardens/rotundas suitable for wedding ceremonies.


It’s free
So many locations in Sydney these days are starting to charge quite hefty fees for permits to be able to photograph within limited time frames. So this little gem is still free to go along to, which in my books is a major plus ++

Location, location

As I already said, it’s positioning is awesome, let’s say I have a wedding in the Hills and then a reception down south, it is not that far out of the way to head to Cabarita for some awesome snaps, and not having to detour through the city

Harbour/River views

Want water shots, this place has awesome water views, don’t expect harbour bridge and opera house though, we are still a little far west and around the corner here to get those sorts of views:)

Cool Sunsets

As part of the park faces west (where the boat jetty is), if you are there late enough and depending on the time of year you can get some pretty spectacular sunset shots over looking the water

Relatively quiet

So this little gem is a little off the beaten track, so whilst a lot of weddings do stop past here, you will not be potentially inundated with endless wedding parties like a lot of other city harbour locations

Lots of parking

Now, I will say it is not always easy to get parking, but there is plenty of it so if it is not an absolutely stellar public holiday Sydney day, you will usually be guaranteed a few free spaces


Other weddings

Yes, this is a risk you take at any free venue you head to any where in the world, however a great photographer should be able to liase with the other wedding’s teams, to make sure you can all amply share the space, and not feel like you are on top of each other, or worse still playing that awful comparing competitive game on the day (yeah you know the one, their bridesmaid’s dresses aren’t as good yadi yadi…)

A little messy

Depending on the day, there can be a little bit of rubbish washed up or left by previous messy picnickers. This can be easily overlooked, however I thought it best to pre warn and mention

It is a ferry terminal

It is a terminal on the Parramatta ferry line, so people do come and go, and the occasional bus stops in too.

Wet weather

As with most locations, there are limited wet weather options here, there is a large rotunda, and quite large trees you could hang under until it passes, however if it is a terrential day, I would recommending bypassing this as an option. In the case of light drizzle or on and off, no dramas, a good photographer should have umbrellas and have educated you about the in’s and outs of bad weather options:)

Check out some pics from there to see if you like the feel, and if you have any more questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us so we can answer your Q’s




True Connection

I spend a lot of my days in the Maltese community, and I love it. They are big affairs
140069-0642With long days and big bridal parties
140069-0571But I love them. Why? I find the Maltese community to be one of connection. Everywhere I look there are people connecting
140069-0433& new friends
140069-0582As I sat as an observer on Luke & Samantha’s day a couple of weeks ago, that was all I could see, absolute love & connection through the whole room. It was awesome… and infectious.
140069-0805Luke & Samantha, you are both very lucky to have such wonderful role models all around you, this has given you as a couple the best start. The way you look at each other, with such respect and understanding, is really wonderful. Congratulations to you both, on finding each other.