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Focus on Relationships

I have been on a Facebook hiatus, not necessarily by choice, but more because I was not sure how or why I wanted to use this great big loud speaker we call social media. And it is so confusing as a small business owner to know which one to spend time on, what to pour […]


A Mother’s Journey…

Carmel’s story… I want to share a snippet of Sarah’s wedding day. Her mum Carmel has raised her 2 daughter’s on her own for most of their lives, and with Sarah being the oldest daughter and first to get married, her wedding was a huge day not only her, but for Carmel as well. Leading […]


Welcome to our blog

Life’s big moments Thank you for coming to our site and taking the time to get this far! I have been planning this blog in my head for quite a while, and was really stuck on what I wanted my first post to be about! I have been thinking about what it was I would […]