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In The Moment

There is a great part of a wedding day, where a bride and groom get to really talk with their family and friends for the first time, just after the ceremony is finished… and I just love it! It is always great to see the connection between people who love each other, and genuinely so […]


The Be-Sides

Each year I put together a calendar for my best friends and I of our kids and our adventures together as “conjoined families”. And somehow every year for the month of December, I manage to find an incredibly tragic and yet terribly funny image of all of us, that I title “Just as we are”. […]


The joy in her laugh

When I introduce to a new person, that I am a wedding photographer, the first question invariably makes mention of the ever dreaded Bridezilla! I came across fragments of this kind of bride from time to time in my early days of shooting, but I am very thankful that today I never get to meet […]