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In The Moment

There is a great part of a wedding day, where a bride and groom get to really talk with their family and friends for the first time, just after the ceremony is finished… and I just love it! It is always great to see the connection between people who love each other, and genuinely so […]


Big dark scary hail clouds = awesome photos

Dave & Ang were very optimistic when planning their day, outdoor beach wedding… no contingency plan nearby, many would not take the chance, but their gamble paid off by the skin of their teeth, or gust of wind in the right direction When we arrived at the beach, I was fearful for poor Dave, as […]


The joy in her laugh

When I introduce to a new person, that I am a wedding photographer, the first question invariably makes mention of the ever dreaded Bridezilla! I came across fragments of this kind of bride from time to time in my early days of shooting, but I am very thankful that today I never get to meet […]