Joe & Sam – Pioneer Village Pre Shoot

Driving out to Wilberforce from the city in July earlier this year, I was totally freaking out. On my way to do a pre shoot that had been scheduled in for months, and i could barely see the car in front of my for all the fog. But when I got out to Windsor the fog had cleared and I was so excited when I saw where I would be photographing this easy going couple.

Joe & Sam has suggested they wanted to do their pre shoot at the Pioneer Village out in Wilberforce, I vaguely remembered going there on a school excursion and really did not know what to expect but I always love exploring new locations with a couple and my camera:)

You know what, this quaint little trip into Australiana history, was a pretty delightful place to shoot. Cold in the shade aside it was a really nice shoot, and today I get to photograph their wedding:)I have had to hold onto this shoot for months, as they wanted the images to be a surprise on the day, so happy to be able to share it now:)



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