A Mother’s Journey…

Carmel’s story…

I want to share a snippet of Sarah’s wedding day. Her mum Carmel has raised her 2 daughter’s on her own for most of their lives, and with Sarah being the oldest daughter and first to get married, her wedding was a huge day not only her, but for Carmel as well. Leading up to the day I could tell that Carmel was very anxious that everything would be the best for her little girl. She even bought 16 umbrellas the week before when the forecast had said it may rain!

When I arrived at the house, Carmel was so full of excitement and anticipation, I couldn’t help but go on her journey with her. Being a mum, and watching my little girl grow up at a rapid pace, I could see 20 years ahead to when I may be going through the same roller coaster of emotions.

I felt the pride at seeing your daughter on her dream day, with the light of love in her eyes, could feel her nervous anticipation on the way to the church, her heart melt as she dropped the veil over her babies face, and as she walked her down the aisle to hand over her baby in the care of Paul, a really awesome man also from a lovely family. I really felt her relief as the day unfolded and every small detail they had been planning on paper came to life. It was a fabulous day and I believe Carmel was really so overwhelmed as it surpassed all their expectations, to be a real life fairy tale day for her little princess.

Weddings always bring out huge emotions, but I really went on the journey with Carmel that day, as I could feel every step with her. As she said to me “I can’t believe my baby, my little girl is married” I was so aware of how quickly our little one’s really do grow up, and I went home that night and gave my little angel a kiss in her bed and reminded myself to really enjoy every day… and to try and be present in every moment. Image 01Image 02Image 03Image 04Image 05Image 06Image 07Image 08


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