Personalised Pre Wedding Sessions

I always like to get my couples to try and personalise their pre wedding session. I find that most couples that come to me have never had a photo shoot done together before, and let’s face it, after the wedding, once the little ones come along, a photo session of just you 2 as a couple gets put very far down the must do list!

The images from these sessions are great to use for display at the wedding, signature books, church booklets, slideshows, gifts for parents and so much more. The session is also a valuable experience to know you have made a great decision in your photographer, and lets us get to know what works best for you as a couple, so we can get straight into it on the wedding day, no mucking around.

I have always encouraged my couple to invest as much of themselves and their personalities, quirks, traits & even pets into the planning for their session, so it really is a good reflection of who they are right now. How awesome for your kids (and of course you) to look back and see how cool you really were before they came along to tell you how cool you are not (Oh no really sounding like a mum now!)

So when Kylie called me and asked if we could photograph her and Andrew with their bikes, I said hell yeah. We met at La Perouse and then cruised into the Rocks… great effort & so much fun for me as a photog:)



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