Lance & Shay – Beachside wedding

Lance & Shay – Beachside Wedding

Anyone who knows me well, knows this was a really special wedding for me. Shay started working for me as a tafe student over 5 years ago, and her and Lance have become my friends over the years. And this wedding was a longtime in the planning, I remember Shay putting a save the date in my wedding folder about 3 years, just to make sure she got me!

It was a pretty exciting drive up to the Central Coast, telling Laura all about how important this wedding was to me, and I think to be honest, almost psyching myself out a little! But Lance is just a natural comedian who makes everyone around him laugh and relax, and from the moment I caught up with him and the guys, the whole day just flowed! And I think I actually cried when I saw Shay, she just took my breath away.

Getting to work with 2 of my favourite people to work with, Tony from Blaycam on video, and of course the gorgeous Helen of Helen Sotis Makeup made the day even more special for me too!

As the photos will reflect,… weather was pretty, well crappy. Pretty much what you wish you don’t get on your wedding, although it did hold out for the outdoor ceremony at Shelly Beach Golf Club, so that was a blessing. But Lance and Shay, in their wonderful way, just took it all in their stride, and still had the time of their lives, albeit while getting slightly wet feet! With poor Laura sacrificing her dry clothes, we were able to get some pretty spectacular images, and get back to the Golf Club for the party! And that they did!

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