Steve & Natasha – Conco D’oro Wedding

Steve & Natasha – Conco D’oro Wedding


Steve & Natasha’s wedding was one that I was both excited and very nervous about. You see they are both only children in Maltese families… so it was a very big occasion and celebration for both sides of the family, and I wanted to make sure I did not miss a thing and totally aced it for everyone!

From the moment I stepped out of my car at Natasha’s house, I got butterflies. I know this may sound silly, but her mum had the outside of the house so beautifully decorated, the enormity of the day ahead kicked in! I got so emotional watching the girls get ready, the detail was just amazing. And Natasha was just like a doll to photograph, it is at these times I get so excited!

Working alongside George from Eurovideo was great, he was one of the first I had scene use a helicopter for some amazing angles during our photo shoot at La Perouse. We were lucky enough to not only have a gorgeous couple & bridal party, hot cars and awesome locations at the beach to shoot, but a fire had broken out across the water, causing a huge cloud of smoke to billow out as the sun was setting, and myself and George just could not get enough! Outstanding.

The service at Conco D’oro¬†Riverwood was just exceptional, as usual, the Lolly bar that Natasha and her mum dreamt up was amazing and tempted everyone and the entertainment during the night made everyone smile. I was pretty pleased at the end of the day, I knew we had captured some amazing images, but the thanks and gratitude that I received from Natasha and Steve, made me happiest and proudest of all!