The Be-Sides

Each year I put together a calendar for my best friends and I of our kids and our adventures together as “conjoined families”. And somehow every year for the month of December, I manage to find an incredibly tragic and yet terribly funny image of all of us, that I title “Just as we are”. I love this concept in photography and have really tried to develop it over the last couple of years in my wedding photography.

I find so much of what I do and show, is capturing people all dressed up and looking “perfect” and “glamorous” on the day. But there is a much more real element, that sometimes does not always make it to the album, or the best of’s. Sometimes when I catch an off the cuff moment, I have commented to person with a mouth full of sandwich that that one was for the B-Sides, but never really took that idea much further.

So I have decided to take that one step further and shine a light on all those quirky moments, the real stuff that happens in between all the pretty romantic bits on the day!

I want to celebrate all the whacky, crazy, fun loving people. And you can not spend time in the company of Dane & Sheree, and their whole gang with out simply cracking up. Check out all the crazy fun we had…


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