The joy in her laugh

When I introduce to a new person, that I am a wedding photographer, the first question invariably makes mention of the ever dreaded Bridezilla! I came across fragments of this kind of bride from time to time in my early days of shooting, but I am very thankful that today I never get to meet “her”. In fact it is quite the opposite.
I am very frank & open about who I want to work with, easy going, like minded couples, and so I feel like the luckiest wedding photographer in the world, as the brides I get to work with are full of joy, laughter & are happy to be marrying the man of their dreams! Simply right?

Take Sandra for example, she just owned it from the moment I walked through the door…
So happy, so full of fun & laughter, and it just went on from there.
Just as it should be:)
She just giggled with glee all day, it was so infectious fun to be a part of.

If you are planning for your wedding, and feeling overwhelmed and stressed, just let it go for a small sec, and think about how you will feel on the day. Think about the end goal, and all the hard work will be worth it… And don’t forget to find the joy & have a laugh along the way


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